Shanna Garneau

  • Residential Real Estate Broker


As a real estate broker, Shanna acquired  skills to analyze the market. She guides you by evaluating your house to put it at a price that brings you the maximum profits. With a large buyers and a competent collaborator brokers network, Shanna developed an ease to determine if the buyers are pre-qualified and serious.

As a seller, Shanna knows that everyone have different and unique needs. She takes time to get to know her customers and their needs, to be able to have a professional relation ship without fears to reach your goals.As a real estate broker, Shanna has high professional standards. She’s also an experienced negotiator.

Shanna knows that negotiation isn’t always easy and can play on our nerves. More so when it’s about selling our house. This is why Shanna takes care of them; this way, she concludes the transaction in a just and advantageous way for her customers.



The key to solving latent (hidden) defects.

The Integri-T plan is a guarantee offered to buyers and sellers who want peace of mind in the event of latent defects. This unique coverage exclusive to RE/MAX provides financial protection to buyers and sellers in case of a claim.

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Shanna Garneau

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